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Secretary General animates session at ESPAS Conference on "Global Trends to 2030"  

On 23 November 2017, Mr Burianek animated a session on "The Geopolitics of Environmental Change" at the ESPAS Conference on "Global Trends to 2030". This year’s ESPAS conference dealt with emerging challenges and opportunities relevant to the European Union, highlighting the importance of strategic foresight and anticipatory governance in policy- and decision-making. In his summary Mr Burianek highlighted the fields of activity of the CoR like climate change or migration policy.

See ESPAS brochure "Shaping the Future of Geopolitics", in particular Mr Burianek's article "From Local to Global: A Pathway to Sustainable Environment", p 38.   

ESPAS, the European Strategy and Policy Analysis System, is a unique inter-institutional project that aims at strengthening the EU's efforts in the crucial area of forward planning.