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Lombardy reflects on Europe  

​​“Lombardy reflects on Europe”

European Union after Brexit and the implications on Lombard territory and citizens

Strengthening the voice of Lombardy in Europe

 An open debate will take place in Milan on 15 December 2017, a "Reflecting on Europe debate" jointly supported by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Regional Council of Lombardy in the context of the CoR campaign "Reflecting on Europe". 

The event takes the cue from a policy paper commissioned by the Regional Council of Lombardy to its own research institute “Eupolis Lombardia”, about post Brexit effects on EU members and in particular on the Lombardy region. During the meeting there will be an open dialogue between students and companies, representing Lombardy, starting from the topic of the policy paper. Finally several representatives of regional, national and international institutions will give their contribute to the debate. The aim of the event is giving an opportunity to students and companies to show  their hopes and concerns about the future of Europe to the institutions, in order to reduce the distance between institutions and citizens as much as possible.

The event is made in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission and the office of the European Parliament in Italy- offices in Milan and the Europe Direct information centre.

"Reflecting on Europe" is an initiative launched by the European Committee of the Regions to offer a space for citizens to present their ideas, thoughts and opinions on what the European Union should be. In this context, regional and local authorities are asked to engage in a dialogue with their citizens and to collect feedback on the future of the EU.

To this end, all the participants are invited to take part in the online survey "Have your say on Europe". The CoR is committed to take into account the results of the survey in view of the approval of its opinion on the Future of Europe in October 2018. 11.000 replies in 20 European countries have been already collected.

Join the debate!

The survey is available online and as "Have your say on Europe" mobile app for :
Apple iOS / Google Android


Contact:  Regional Council of Lombardy
E-mail: uffrel.istituzionali@consiglio.regione.lombardia.it​​​​


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