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Island territories and the principle of territorial cohesion in the islands of the European Union  
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​​​On 4th November, the Region of Sicily in partnership with the European Committee of the Regions, will hold the event "Island territories and the principle of territorial cohesion in the islands of the European Union". Speakers will discuss the particularity of island territories and the need for island mainstreaming across EU legislation so as to achieve cohesion policy objectives. 

Ten years after the approval of the Lisbon Treaty and the entry into force of the principle of territorial cohesion provided for in Article 174 of the TFEU, the time has come, as the CPM​R Islands Commission argues, "to reaffirm the status of insularity at European level and to apply the principle of territorial cohesion in practice in the islands of the European Union, in particular by adding an insularity clause to each EU policy".

The event will be attended by Gaetano ARMAO, Vice-President of the Sicilian Region and President of the CoR Insularity group, Nanette MAUPERTUIS, CoR Member and Member of the Collectivity of Corsica's Regional Assembly, Antonio TAJANI, MEP and Vice-President of the EPP group at the European Parliament, Sergio CACI, Mayor of Montalto di Castro and CoR Member, Floriana CERNIGLIA, Professor of Political Economy Catholic University of Milan, Federico AMEDEO LASCO​. 

The event can be followed live on Zoom with interpretation in Italian, English, French via this link:


Meeting ID: 928 2050 5973

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Contact Person: Leonardo Di Giovanna
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