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Online stakeholder consultation on "LRAs protecting the marine environment"  

​​ The CoR is currently drafting an opinion on the role of Local and Regional Authorities in protecting the marine environment . The local and regional (here meaning subnational) dimension of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive's implementation is not explored enough. This unexplored dimension could accelerate the more ambitious action to tackle predominant pressures highlighted in the report on the first implementation cycle of the MFSD ​​​ published by the European Commission on June 2020.

Such pressures are connected with the CoR work on the European Green Deal, specifically its environmental component, which is strategic for the post-COVID-19 green and digital recovery. A recent report from the Court of Auditors also shows that biodiversity loss is not halted and it points to the possibility to increase the potential of EU funding for marine conservation objectives.

The rapporteur for this opinion, Ms Emma NOHRÈN (SE/Greens) invites you to discuss the most important challenges and opportunities at the subnational level, related to protecting the marine environment.

​In order to prepare the stakeholder consultation, participants can find questions for the debate at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12npPWr_azluktR6YpCwZYEMYv7sDnB5NYz5kShER7-I/edit

Agenda of the event​
Presentation from Rapporteur Emma Nohrèn
Presentation from João Figueiredo

Contact Person: ENVE secretariat
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