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Stakeholder consultation "Delivering on low-emission mobility" (COTER-VI/039)  


The European Committee of the Regions is drafting an opinion on the European Commission's recent "Clean Mobility Package".

The rapporteur, Mr Michiel Scheffer (NL/ALDE), Member of the COTER Commission of the CoR, would be happy to meet with representatives of the associations of local and regional authorities and relevant transport industry and consumer stakeholders for a consultation and exchange of views on this topic in order to reflect their views when drafting his opinion.

The opinion will focus on the issues of "deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure" and "promotion of clean and energy-efficient road transport vehicles" as well as "combined transport of goods" and the "access to the international bus and coach market".

The consultation will take place on: Monday 19 February 2018, 14:00 – 15:30 in room JDE 53 at the European Committee of the Regions (Rue Belliard 99-101, 1040 Bruxelles).

The Rapporteur would be very keen to hear your views during the meeting. In addition, if you have any written positon on the clean mobility package you are welcome to send them to us by email (see below).

The meeting will consist of a presentation of the rapporteur and then discussion with the stakeholders who are invited to present their views on the topic. The meeting and discussion will be held in English.

You can already register to participate in this debate to shape the rapporteur's views. For practical reasons, you are kindly asked to register your participation before Thursday 15 February by clicking on registration.

For more information, please contact Florian Achleitner, Tel: +32 2 282 2371, E-mail: florian.achleitner@cor.europa.eu or our team in the COTER Commission secretariat.

A first exchange of views at the COTER Commission is planned for 27 February 2018, discussion and adoption at the Commission is planned for 27 April 2018 and the adoption is planned for the CoR plenary session on 4/5 July 2018.

Please note that in order to reduce paper waste, the CoR will not provide paper copies of documents for the meeting.

Organizer: COTER Secretariat
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