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Stakeholders' Consultation on "The Single Market Emergency Instrument"  

​The European Commission has recently published a proposal for a Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI). In the wake of the outbreak of the covid pandemic and in the context of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the SMEI's purpose will be to address the frailty and the shortcomings of the current Single Market governance in times of crisis. The SMEI will complement existing policy tools to prepare for and respond to future crises that could threaten the functioning of the Single Market. 

Given the relevance of this initiative for local and regional authorities, the CoR is preparing an opinion on the SMEI, which is scheduled for adoption at the ECON Commission meeting of 7 December 2022 and at the Plenary Session of 7/8 February 2023.

This consultation is aimed at providing the rapporteur, Muhterem Aras (DE/GREENS), with comments and suggestions. It is open to representatives of local and regional authorities and their stakeholder associations. Experts, officials of EU institutions and think tanks are also invited to contribute.

During the Stakeholder Consultation, the rapporteur will put the following questions to the participants:

1) Given the many sector-specific regulations, such as on semiconductors and medical products, is there a need for a general crisis regulation at all?

2) How do you assess the proposed measures? Can the free movement of goods, persons and/or services be guaranteed better than during the pandemic?

3) Do you think that the activation criteria for internal market surveillance and internal market emergency mode are appropriate?

4) How do you assess the proposal's focus on crisis preparedness and management? Does the proposal focus too much on the free movement of goods?

5) The Commission wants to collect and monitor information at many points in the proposal. Does it have the necessary resources and expertise? And could authorities and economic actors provide it? ​

Please register here by 15 October 2022.

English/German interpretation will be provided. ​

Contact Person: Rafael Mondelaers
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions, ECON Commission
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