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19th NAT commission meeting  

​The 19th NAT commission meeting will take place on Thursday 5 October 2023 at the European Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 99-101, Brussels room JDE 52.

This meeting will be fully on-site. The public can follow the meeting in the listening room JDE53. For security reasons you need contact the NAT secretariat at the latest on the 2 October 2023 if you wish to participate in person. This meeting is also being webstreamed

All meeting documents are available through the CoR Members' Portal

​Highlights of the meeting on 5 October 2023.

The following opinions will be discussed and adopted:

First discussion and adoption:

  • Risk management and market regulation: the tools to strengthen the sustainability of European agriculture
    Rapporteur: Nicola CAPUTO (IT/renew E.)

One of the key objectives of the 2023-2027 CAP programming period is to preserve animal and plant biodiversity in Europe, along with putting an emphasis on the concept of multifunctionality and respect for the natural resources deriving from farming. The presence of farmers in rural areas is crucial to achieving these objectives. As things stand, the economic resilience of European farmers is much lower than that of their competitors in North America. The EU must create a protective umbrella for farms (especially small and medium-sized farms) with new instruments and financial autonomy.

  • The Common Fisheries Policy on the ground: towards sustainable and resilient coastal communities in the EU
    Rapporteur: Jesús GAMALLO ALLER (ES/EPP)

The goal of the Common Fishery Policy (CFP), as stated in the Lisbon Treaty of 2009, is to ensure the long-term sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture in Europe, the availability of food supplies, and a fair standard of living for the relevant labour force. The recent policy package received from the Commission comprises four main areas of interest: the reconfirmed commitment for the CFP, the Energy transition, the EU Action Plan to ensure the survival of marine ecosystems, and the Common market organisation. The package as a whole constitutes a pivotal development for the EU fisheries and aquaculture sectors. The CoR opinion will look into regional and local implications of the file.

  • The role of cities as health promoters

Rapporteur: Adam BANASZAK (PL/ECR)

Over 70% of Europeans dwell in cities and towns. They enjoy better access to healthcare, both basic and specialised; can benefit from vaccination and screening programmes and more broadly have a larger set of other services (education, transport, social care etc.) at their fingertips. In the same time, city dwellers are significantly more exposed to pollution and are more at risk of catching an infection or developing a mental health condition. Local government have the potential to address a lot of these challenges by weaving health considerations into the other municipal policies. This opinion, requested by the Spanish Presidency of the Council, will provide an overview of policy and practice solutions that can make a difference to health and wellbeing of European citizens.

Organizer: NAT Commission
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