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Čezmejne grožnje za zdravje in mandat Evropskega centra za preprečevanje in obvladovanje bolezni

Opinion Number: CDR 5624/2020
Rapporteur: GEBLEWICZ Olgierd
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/05/2021
The proposals asl laid out in COM (2020) 727 and COM (2020) 726 intend to set out a comprehensive legislative framework to govern action at Union level on preparedness, surveillance, risk assessment, and early warning and responses; and enhance the Union’s guidance in the adoption of common measures at EU level to face a future cross-border health threat.

*The main goal of the opinion is to introduce elements of participation and coordination in this processes on regional level. Both proposals do not take into account the existance of a sub-national level of governance in the field of health and the resulting implications on cross-border relations in border regions.
*The opinion will aim to introduce legilative amendments, providing a regional aspect to the proposal
The key CoR request – to involve the regions in the preparation and delivery of health emergency preparedness plans – was reiterated in the EP report on the future ECDC mandate and cross-border health threats. Likewise, the EP and the CoR rapporteurs adopted the same line with regards to cross-border cooperation in health matters, stressing the need to adequately fund such projects. The final text of the EP report bears several references to the regional level and the amendments adopted strengthened the role of regions in health emergency architecture.

- insists that representatives of the European Committee of the Regions should be involved in the work of teams, committees and task forces set up at EU level to deal with public health emergencies, particularly the Advisory Committee on Public Health Emergencies;

- requires that Regions should be fully involved at political level in drawing up and implementing pandemic preparedness plans;

- finds it necessary to launch a reflection on EU competences in the field of health during the debate on the future of Europe;

- calls for the swift adoption of appropriate legal solutions (…) to prepare and coordinate actions in the regions on both sides of the border in the event of a health threat emerging;

- suggests promoting the conclusion of permanent health cooperation agreements between the competent authorities of the appropriate levels in various countries in order to ensure the exchange of patients in crisis situations;

- recommends that, as part of its new mandate, the ECDC collect data at subnational level and improve cooperation between border regions and transit hubs in situations involving cross-border health threats.



Provisional agreement on new EU law on serious cross-border threats to health

Negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament reached agreement on 23 June on a draft regulation on serious cross-border threats to health. The text reinforces preparedness, surveillance, risk assessment, early warning and responses at EU and member state level in the event of cross-border threats to health

23 Jun

Workshop "Territorial impact assessment - Cross-border health threats"

This expert workshop is supporting the opinion tackling cross-border health threats and the mandate of the ecdc through analysis of the territorial impact of the proposed legislation.

Local and regional authorities define, deliver and manage a whole range of services that can make a positive difference and impact on how people use cross-border health services, as well as face the threats. Through smart health and social care prevention, healthy lifestyle promotion, awareness raising and targeted information campaigns, local and regional authorities, by cooperating with ECDC, can reach to the EU citizens and support them in sustaining and promoting healthy life and sustainable cross-border health cooperation.

26 Jan
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