Opinion Factsheet  

Európska digitálna identita

Opinion Number: CDR 3686/2021
Rapporteur: WEINMEISTER Mark
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 13/10/2021

- backs the idea of a European Digital Identity Wallet. It should enable citizens to prove their identity, including while on the move, so they can access online public administration services, swap digital documents or just attest a personal identity attribute, such as age;

- emphasises the need to ensure that all users are autonomous and not subject to discrimination, and therefore recommends that the Communication state clearly that there must be no indirect coercion to use the European Digital Identity Wallet when services are offered to natural persons. It is a matter of principle that use is a voluntary act;

- urges that provision be made in the proposal for the use of digital identities by minors or in cases where responsibility lies with a guardian or carer, as well as for dealing with digital identities when somebody dies;

- advises that, when it comes to the ID used for access by economic operators, the authorisation check should be designed with a secured certificate whose validity is of limited duration or cyclical;

- suggests that implementation, particularly in the start-up phase, should be configured incrementally. This is important because the hitherto partly unregulated economy is sometimes being involved for the very first time in the use of electronic identities at the assurance levels "substantial" to "high" as the current eIDAS environment evolves;

- warns against hasty implementation of a European Digital Identity Wallet solution because of the technical risks inherent in the centralised storage of identity data in a mostly mobile application. Such a solution will undoubtedly be seen as a prime target for a wide range of cyberattacks and must therefore be able to fend off the threats at any particular moment.