Opinion Factsheet  

Contribuția regiunilor și orașelor la dezvoltarea Africii

Opinion Number: CDR 3729/2019
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/02/2020
Following the 2019 The Forum “Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation”, the opinions aims at further exploring the possibilities for EU regional and local authorities to:

support the development of Sub-Saharan African countries, not least with the aim of tackling the root causes of migration,
explore and help design a more proactive role for European cities and regions in creating partnerships with African decentralised authorities, civil society organisations, NGOs, agencies and the private sector, building on previously adopted CoR opinions in this field, notably on decentralised development cooperation and partnerships
launch a fresh discussion concerning constructive solutions that cities and regions can develop for addressing the root causes of migration from Sub-Saharan African countries, enhancing cooperation and mitigating migration-related tensions,
open a structured debate, with a view to creating later on pilot projects and exploring the allocation of appropriate financial resources for a "Marshall Plan" with Africa,
promote the idea of win-win collaboration in the medium and long run, whereby both of the parties can benefit by discovering new ways to help African countries to flourish, gaining insights into different cultural and organisational settings and promoting the culture of local and regional governance.