Opinion Factsheet  

Strategia UE na rzecz praw dziecka oraz europejska gwarancja dla dzieci

Opinion Number: CDR 2601/2021
Rapporteur: ANDERSSON Jari
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 14/10/2021

- welcomes the European Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation Establishing a European Child Guarantee and the Commission Communication on an EU strategy on the rights of the child, whose objective is to effectively encourage the efforts of the Member States and local and regional authorities to reduce child poverty and improve children's rights to ensure greater fairness and inclusiveness in the Union, and in regions and municipalities/cities. The subsidiarity principle must be respected in the process;

- emphasises the need to define good practices for reducing child poverty and to improve access to key children's services and the enforcement of children's rights; recommends here that local and regional authorities be included in efforts to raise awareness and share good practices across the Union, and suggests that international, national and regional conferences and study visits be organised to this end;

- calls on the Commission and the Member States to guarantee that the EU strategy on the rights of the child is appropriately financed, ensuring that EU internal and external funding, as well as national budgets, adequately support implementation of the priorities set out in the strategy;

- opposes detention of children on migration grounds. The child's best interest must be the guiding principle;

- encourages the European Union and its Member States to step up the promotion of dialogue between national decision-makers and young people. In this regard, proposes the organisation of joint workshops, in cooperation with the local authorities, aimed at involving young people in decision making and taking into account their views regarding policy developments that concern them.