Opinion Factsheet  

Bescherming en herstel van bossen wereldwijd: de actie van de EU opvoeren

Opinion Number: CDR 4601/2019
Rapporteur: BIWER Roby
Commission: NAT
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 02/07/2020
calls on the Commission and the Member States to put forward regulatory measures and recommendations tailored to meet national, regional and local specific divergences, to effectively combat all forms of deforestation and degradation of the original forest ecosystems which provide carbon stock and biodiversity, while also providing the appropriate funding;
calls for policy coherence to align the efforts, objectives and outcomes produced by the different policies, including the new CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), the EU's international commitments, i.e. the European Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement on climate change, its trade policy and the European Green Deal, in a comprehensive sustainability strategy with clear objectives and implementation measures and with due regard to a social, economic and environmental balance;
stresses that the EU shall guarantee consumption of products from non-EU deforestation-free supply chains as a central point in the process of protecting and restoring the world's forests; calls on the EU to include consumers at the heart of the process to influence markets relying on the problematic conversion of primary forests to produce widely used products such as coffee, cocoa, palm oil and livestock;
calls upon the Commission to institute procedures to check the accuracy of the information and assessments collected in the European information system in order to improve confidence in the information provided, including strong traceability requirements guaranteeing the origin of products, and stronger monitoring and enforcement systems in order to help prevent fraud and mislabelling of products;