Opinion Factsheet  

Ontwikkeling van een 8e milieuactieprogramma

Opinion Number: CDR 1672/2018
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/02/2019
Advocate the development of an 8th Environment Action Programme (EAP);
Advocate an higher EU ambition in all relevant policy domains, especially on climate, biodiversity and environment, to achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
Assess the 7th EAP;
Elaborate the main principles for developing an 8th EAP:
Assess the changed context of European environment policy and its regional and local impact;
Present proposals for the EAP to ensure policy integration;
Present proposals on funding environment and climate policies;
Recommend a place-based or area-oriented approach for the EAP;
Present proposals for a well-functioning multi-level governance framework for the 8th EAP;
Introduce a proposal for a new EAP:
Outline a new approach for the EAP;
Propose themes for the EAP;
Propose a structure for the EAP.

- Points out that the EU must show a higher ambition in all relevant policy domains, especially on climate, biodiversity and environment, to achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

- Calls on the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament to develop an 8th EAP;

- Points out that although the 7th EAP has identified better implementation as a key priority, insufficient implementation remains a significant problem. Supports effective implementation of the acquis. Argues that local and regional authorities (LRAs) are not given the necessary instruments in practice. In most cases the European and national levels have the appropriate resources and should therefore bear the responsibility for paying fines for non-compliance;

- Strongly believes that the 8th EAP should ensure policy integration;

- Supports more synergies between funding sources and stronger links between public and private financing. Welcomes the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) proposal with its focus on sustainable development and integrating environment policy into all budget headings, however calls for over 30% of the budget reserved for climate policy mainstreaming;

- Advocates a holistic place-based or area-oriented approach;

- Calls for a multi-level governance framework. Believes in incentives for over-performing;

- Proposes that the 8th EAP present an EU strategy to promote healthy living for all;

- Proposes a lean clean 8th EAP, with five main chapters: implementation, the transitions, innovation, wider global challenges and communication;

- Calls on the 8th EAP to further enhance the Technical Platform for Cooperation on the Environment established by the ENVE Commission and DG Environment; proposes to establish a network of ambassadors within the Platform to promote the implementation of the environment legislation at all levels of governance, complementing in this way the EIR and TAIEX;

- Proposes to focus more on the implementation aspects/challenges in the EU environment policies via CoR opinions as well as the work of the future regional hubs in order to address the gaps and find tailor-made solutions.



Green Week session

Green Week session
The future of environment policy – better integration & implementation at local & regional level – organised by the CoR with Mr Lamers (NL/EPP).
The evaluation of the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP) ended. It is now necessary to plan for the future work. CoR organised a session at the 2019 Green Week to discuss how to improve the implementation of EU environmental policy at local and regional level.
Recording available here: https://www.eugreenweek.eu/en/session/the-future-of-environment-policy-better-integration-implementation-at-local-regional-level

This session was organized immediately after a session of DG Environment presenting the conslusions of the evaluation of the 7th EAP.

16 May

Publication of Evaluation of the 7th Environment Action Programme

The evaluation of the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP) has been published.
Materials available here; http://ec.europa.eu/environment/action-programme/evaluation.htm
The following day the evlauation ahs been discussed at a session of the Green Week. Recording available here: https://www.eugreenweek.eu/en/session/evaluation-of-the-7th-eap-building-on-lessons-learnt-to-create-our-future-environment-policy

15 May