National delegation  

National Delegation of Lithuania


The Lithuanian delegation is composed of nine full and nine alternate members. The head of the Lithuanian CoR delegation is Mr Arnoldas Abramavičius, the Council member of Zarasai District Municipality. All Lithuanian full members and alternates of the CoR are elected politicians representing local authorities in Lithuania.

Appointing the delegation

Lithuanian delegation joined the CoR in the middle of the 2002-2006 term of office. The members of the Lithuanian delegation to the CoR and the alternated are the politicians who hold their local electoral mandate. The formation of the delegation has to follow the certain procedure in Lithuania. Regional development councils (10) draft lists of candidates - CoR full members and alternates - proposing three times more candidates than seats allocated to the region, taking into account political, territorial and gender balance criteria. All proposals from regional development councils are sent to the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania, which selects candidates and establishes a final list. The final list of candidates is presented for approval by the Ministry of the Interior to the Government of Lithuania. The national government makes a decision on the basis of the proposed list of members and submits it to the Council of Ministers, which appoints the CoR members.

The Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania has been nominated to act as the Secretariat to the Lithuanian CoR delegation. The Secretariat provides members with information and briefings, assistance in submitting proposals, contact with other national delegations, regional offices and other relevant parties and promotes the work of the Delegation.

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