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Ilgtspējīgas attīstības mērķu sasniegšana līdz 2030.gadam

Opinion Number: CDR 103/2021
Rapporteur: RIO Ricardo
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 01/07/2021
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- believes that this opinion must be seen as encouragement for the European Commission to reinforce the SDGs as an integral part of European core values and identity, and thus give it an appropriately high profile in its overarching narrative and priorities;

- welcomes that the present European Commission has taken a strong political commitment to implementing the SDGs. However, this should be accompanied by specific internal governance arrangements within the European Commission, such as regular coordination meetings of the President's cabinet with other Commissioners' cabinets on SDG mainstreaming;

- asks the European Commission to renew the SDG platform or create another dialogue platform with clout and structured follow-up to foster expertise from all the different stakeholders from public and private institutions regarding the 2030 Agenda and to advise the EC directly;

- believes that keeping the focus of the European Semester as the framework for EU countries to coordinate their economic policies is possible with the integration of the SDGs and that SDGs should be reintegrated into the European Semester at the earliest opportunity;

- welcomes the preliminary results of the CoR-OECD survey on SDGs and recovery, showing that despite the pandemic, local and regional authorities are still mobilised for the implementation of the SDGs with 60% of local and regional respondents indicating their conviction that the SDGs can help take a more holistic approach to recovery, and 43% having a specific governance structure to implement them;

- reaffirms the commitment of the CoR to step up its partnerships with the OECD, EUROCITIES, AER, CEMR – PLATFORMA and Regions4 to accelerate the localisation of SDGs and advocate the SDGs as an overarching EU core value; commits to concluding other partnerships to further support SDGs' localisation in Europe and beyond.



Rapporteur Rio meets UN senior officials to discuss SDGs at global level

Rapporteur Ricardo Rio met with Jose Dallo and Pablo Gago Lorenzo, from the Executive Office of the Secretary General of United Nations, working on te 2030 Agenda. They talked about the Decade for Action on SDGs and the localisation of SDGs. The UN will launch a range of action to accelerate implementation of SDGs at all levels, this will include actions to give more visibility to local action and give impetus for further ambition. The UN and the CoR will work together in this endeavour, notably during the next HLPF and by collecting local and regional best practices.

09 Mar

Rapporteur Rio discusses SDGs and cohesion with Commissioner Ferreira and her cabinet

This week, rapporteur Ricardo Rio discussed with Commissioner Elisa Ferreira and Carole Mancel-Blanchard the links between EU regional policy and SDGs to make sure to highlight the key role of the EU in supporting regions and cities to implement SDGs.

08 Mar

Rapporteur Rio discusses the importance of putting back SDGs in the EU narrative with the European Commission Secretariat General

Rapporteur Ricardo Rio met Lucian Parvulescu and Laia Matero Pintos from the European Commission Secretariat General. As coordinators and drafters of the Staff Working Document on SDGs, they were key stakeholders to discuss about the visibility problem of SDGs in the EU narrative as well as key issues such as the lack of structured dialogue with stakeholders on SDGs, the internal governance of SDGs within the EC to mainstream them in all policies, and the need to better link SDGs with the EU recovery.

04 Mar

Rapporteur Rio meets UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Rapporteur Ricardo Rio met with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to talk about the importance of the SDGs as a universal agenda for development and recovery. They also talked about the key role of regions and cities to implement SDGs.

02 Mar