Opinion Factsheet  

New European Bauhaus - Beautiful, Sustainable, Together

Opinion Number: CDR 5640/2021
Rapporteur: MCCARTHY Kieran
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 28/04/2022

 is pleased that the role of LRAs in implementing the principles of the NEB is acknowledged, as they are well placed to contribute to policy development and the implementation of the NEB, in line with the subsidiarity principle;

 considers that throughout the EU, cities and regions are at the forefront of culture-led development, and that the local and regional levels have key responsibilities for sustainable urban, regional and cultural policies; therefore, local and regional elected representatives are pivotal when it comes to making the NEB more accessible and engaging members of the public in the transformation process in order to advance the implementation of the NEB;

 strongly supports the NEB as a key opportunity to harness the creative potential of regions and municipalities, and thereby create accepted and sustainable solutions that will make the Green Deal a success;

 reaffirms the first key principle of the NEB endorsing a multi-level and place-based approach. In this regard, the COR points out that change is happening at local and regional level, where a sense of place is also anchored;

 notes that LRAs are responsible for large stocks of local public buildings and urban public spaces and play an important regulatory and funding role in the renovation of these buildings and urban areas. Accordingly, LRAs should focus on identifying regulatory bottlenecks and contribute to simplifying regulation and devising new regulatory approaches;

 acknowledges the creation of the European Seal of Excellence as a first step towards the NEB label concept, but is concerned that people may expect the NEB Label to have a funding stream. The use of a dedicated label could be considered as a tangible CoR contribution to the development of the NEB initiative, as advocated by the CoR in 2021;

 Proposes therefore a NEB Lab voucher scheme whereby interested cities and regions could receive such a voucher which would entitle them to get the necessary support for organising an NEB Lab in their constituency;

 believes that the NEB must become a real movement which involves LRAs and is not just another top-down project.