Opinion Factsheet  

La fuga dei cervelli nell'Unione europea: affrontare la sfida a tutti i livelli

Opinion Number: CDR 4645/2019
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/02/2020
Contribute to addressing the challenges that the brain-drain phenomenon can pose to the EU's territorial development, cohesion, and competitiveness;
Building on the 2018 CoR study "Addressing brain drain: The local and regional dimension", make policy recommendations for local and regional authorities (LRAs) and for EU action;
Help formulating appropriate policies and/or measures to retain, attract, or regain a highly educated workforce in sending regions based on various tools existing in LRAs and Member States in order to prevent and mitigate brain drain, and to attract brains both within and beyond the EU;
Call for EU support to regions and cities by providing solutions and more coordinated support, as has been done by way of example for healthcare workers via the Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce.