Opinion Factsheet  

Pacchetto REACT-UE

Opinion Number: CDR 3318/2020
Rapporteur: STRUK Mieczysław
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 14/10/2020

- highlights the importance of cohesion policy and its capacity to support cities and regions in times of crisis; stresses that the challenges addressed by REACT-EU require tailor-made and territorially adapted strategies;

- underlines the need to strike a balance between fast disbursement of newly available resources and the need to avoid irregularities, systemic errors or fraud;

- insists that cohesion policy should not lose sight of its long-term objectives and development needs when implementing short-term priorities;

- takes note of the exemption from the thematic concentration requirement under REACT-EU, but recommends a minimum thematic concentration to ensure the funds spent on crisis repair are in line with the EU 2050 climate neutrality goal;

- calls on the Member States to make innovative use of the additional resources to bring their economies closer to a green, digital and resilient development path ensuring longer-term recovery;

- stresses that the COVID-19 pandemic and unilateral closing of borders in a number of Member States have caused massive damage to border regions which needs to be properly addressed;

- underlines that post-2020 cohesion policy should be more flexible so as to absorb potential negative shocks such as the current pandemic;

- underlines that regions and cities were at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic and are the best places to ensure recovery from asymmetric shocks such as the crisis;

- stresses that the measures justified by the COVID-19 crisis should under no circumstances lead to an attempt to centralise the implementation of cohesion policy in the post-2020 period;

- underlines that decentralised EU funding for regions and cities is an effective way to lay the foundations for a medium- and long-term sustainable recovery.