Opinion Factsheet  

Otpornost kritičnih subjekata - radni dokument

Opinion Number: CDR 570/2021
Rapporteur: GUARENTE Mario
Commission: NAT
Status: Working documents
Date: 02/07/2021
On 5 March, the rapporteur had a bilateral meeting with MEP Lukas Mandl (AT/EPP), the EP shadow rapporteur on the Commission proposal for a directive on the Resilience of critical entities. Among other aspects, they discussed the enlarged scope of the proposed directive and whether more areas should be included as essential infrastructure and whether the risk assessments of critical entities could be linked to national risk assessments. Financial burden to comply with the requirements of the directive was also mentioned – essential services as a public good should also have access to public funding.

In the framework of the current joint action plan with UNDRR, the rapporteur met also with UNDRR representatives for a discussion on protection of critical infrastructure from a more global point of view. Information campaigns to raise awareness on resilience and ways to involve local citizens in risk proofing our future were some of the aspects mentioned.

On 23 March the rapporteur met with MEP Michal Šimečka (SK/RenewE), the EP rapporteur on the subject, and with representatives from DG Home to discuss various aspects of the proposed directive from the point of view of the Commission and to get more insight and clarity as to the aims and logic behind some of the proposals contained in the proposed directive, and also as regards possible further developments.

On 6 April 2021, Mr. Guarente met with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.