Opinion Factsheet  

Novi pristup Pomorskoj strategiji za Atlantik. Akcijski plan za područje Atlantika 2.0

Opinion Number: CDR 4163/2020
Commission: NAT
Status: Under preparation
Date: 19/03/2021



Participation of CoR Rapporteur Paula Fernández Viaña in the meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee

CoR rapporteur Paula Fernández participated in the online meeting of the Atlantic Strategy Committee that took place in the form of an online meeting on 25 September under the lead of the 2020 French presidency of the Atlantic Strategy. In her opening address Mrs. Fernández outlined the main elements of her work on the CoR opinion and presented to the Committee the key policy elements from the point of view of the Atlantic regional and local authorities for the future development of the strategy and the region. Other participants in the meeting included the European Commission, Member States and observing associations. (meeting in camera)

25 Sep