National delegation  

National Delegation of Sweden


Swedish members are municipal and county politicians, elected by the people. The Swedish delegation comprises 12 members and 12 alternates. There are no fixed arrangements for handling nominations.

The whole procedure works through cooperation and a common acceptance of the informal preliminary conditions and criteria. However, the Treaty does stipulate that Member State governments nominate members and the Council of Ministers appoints them.

Organisation and promoting policy interests

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions' (SALAR) secretariat for the Swedish delegation works to ensure that all Swedish members can play an active part in the Committee's work, and members and alternates are both entitled to a seat on CoR commissions. Alternates are "permanent alternates", which means they have the same opportunity as members to act as rapporteurs for opinions, table amendments and take part in the debate at commission meetings. Alternates are also able to attend a plenary session as observers once a year, at the expense of SALAR.

Twice a year the whole delegation meets in Sweden to plan its strategic work on the basis of the European Commission's annual work programme.

In addition, meetings are held regularly between Swedish members and administrators at SALAR, where they plan Swedish input into the work of the individual CoR commissions.

From 1 July 2006, support for the Swedish delegation will be coordinated by SALAR's international section in cooperation with the Brussels office.



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