Opinion Factsheet  

Une nouvelle donne pour les consommateurs

Opinion Number: CDR 2839/2018
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 10/10/2018

- welcomes the publication of a long-awaited proposal to set a minimum EU-wide framework for collective redress scheme mechanisms across the Member States, which could bring a real opportunity to consumers to obtain redress in the case of mass damage and should fill in the existing gap in the enforcement of EU consumer rights; the proposal, however, is considered as a first step in the right direction, as it contains a number of shortcomings;

- recommends that collective redress mechanisms be extended to other cases of mass harm, including cases of mass environmental damage, harm done to common goods, and in respect of health and safety regulations or violations of employment rights, to bring about easier access to justice for all citizens;

- therefore calls on the European Commission to explore ways of extending relief to these sectors and to expand the scope of the proposal for collective redress to cover all forms of harm occasioned by violations of fundamental rights, as granted under EU law;

- draws attention to the fact that consumer organisations which can be designated as qualified entities may have limited financial capacities. Consumer organisations in smaller Member States are particularly concerned. The lack of financial capacity should not hinder organisations from being designated as qualified entities;

- strongly supports the update and better enforcement of EU consumer rules;

- considers the right of withdrawal as being an important consumer right that should not be weakened in the absence of any conclusive evidence of misuse;

- regrets that the rules on the liability of online marketplaces are missing in the proposal.