Opinion Factsheet  

La racionalización de la ejecución de la RTE-T

Opinion Number: CDR 3592/2018
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/02/2019
The opinion addresses simplification of administrative authorisations, permit granting rules and other regulatory procedures in order to facilitate the TEN-T completion. It also focuses on the problems cross-border projects encounter in relation to public procurement and permit granting procedures.

- underlines that the completion of the TEN-T core and comprehensive network is the key to ensuring territorial cohesion, making all regions more accessible and boosting the economic development of peripheral and cross-border regions;

- welcomes the proposal of the Commission, in the context of speeding up the implementation of the TEN-T network and achieving the Paris agreement objectives. It is also very important for harmonising procedure and technical standards and increasing interoperability;

- would like to stress the importance of streamlining procedures inter alia in border regions;

- suggests that instead of applying the proposed procedure to all TEN-T projects, the regulation should specify which projects fall under its application. Member States should, for example, be allowed to decide what projects fall under the regulation;

- recalls that administrative burden must not be simplified and reduced at the expense of subsidiarity and proportionality. Tailor-made approaches should be possible if a Member State already has streamlined procedures in place;

- welcomes the intention of the proposal to facilitate cross-border cooperation for the development of transport links, to remove missing links.