Opinion Factsheet  

Proteger las indicaciones geográficas industriales y artesanales en la Unión Europea

Opinion Number: CDR 2689/2021
Rapporteur: PINVILLE Martine
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 14/10/2021



Meeting with the European Commission

On 31 May 2021, the CoR rapporteur, Ms Martine Pinville, met with
Ms Claudia MARTINEZ FELIX (Deputy HoU, GROW.C.4, Intangible Economy), Mr Philipp RUNGE and Ms Valerie MARIE-D'AVIGNEAU, Legal and Policy Officers, Intangible Economy (GROW.C.4, Intangible Economy). The meeting served to raise some points from the local and regional perspective and to gather the COM views on these.

31 May

Stakeholders consultation on Protecting Industrial and Craft Geographical Indications in the EU

The consultation afforded the CoR rapporteur, Mrs. Martine Pinville, and relevant stakeholders the opportunity to look into both the opportunities and challenges a potential introduction of GI protection would bring on consumers, producers, and on the regional economies where the products are produced.

19 May