National delegation  

National Delegation of Austria


Austria has 12 members and 12 alternates in the Committee of the Regions, who hold a regional or local electoral mandate or are politically accountable to an elected assembly. Each of Austria 's nine regions sends one member and one alternate to the CoR, the local authorities send three members and three alternates.

Appointing the delegation

The members of the Austrian delegation are selected by the Austrian federal government on the basis of proposals made by the regions, and by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and the Austrian Association of Municipalities.

Other useful information

The Austrian delegation meets two weeks before every plenary session at the level of the assistants and just before the beginning of the plenary at the level of the CoR members in order to discuss the upcoming plenary, in particular joint amendments, as well as questions of principles with regards to contents and organisation of the work. To secure a better overview of the activities in the commissions and other working bodies, a special reporting system has been set up whereby an assistant provides a written report on all meetings of CoR bodies and recommendations for action.

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