Opinion Factsheet  

Tackling cross-border health threats

Opinion Number: CDR 5624/2020
Rapporteur: GEBLEWICZ Olgierd
Commission: NAT
Status: Working documents
Date: 07/05/2021
The proposals asl laid out in COM (2020) 727 and COM (2020) 726 intend to set out a comprehensive legislative framework to govern action at Union level on preparedness, surveillance, risk assessment, and early warning and responses; and enhance the Union’s guidance in the adoption of common measures at EU level to face a future cross-border health threat.

*The main goal of the opinion is to introduce elements of participation and coordination in this processes on regional level. Both proposals do not take into account the existance of a sub-national level of governance in the field of health and the resulting implications on cross-border relations in border regions.
*The opinion will aim to introduce legilative amendments, providing a regional aspect to the proposal