Opinion Factsheet  

PAC - A new ERA for Research and Innovation

Opinion Number: CDR 4749/2020
Rapporteur: CLERGEAU Christophe
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 05/02/2021
The opinion might aim to:
support the ambitious initiatives foreseen in the Communication, striving to address global challenge and to manage the transition to sustainable societies, and offering the potential for a transformative impact on research and for a strengthening of Europe through knowledge.
advocate for a greater involvement of local and regional authorities in the design of research and innovation initiatives, the strategic identification of regional research priorities and the creation of effective innovation ecosystems.
stress the need to boost the relevant funding, especially considering the vast aims of the new European Research Area. In fact, the level of ambition for the renewed ERA seems not matched by sufficient investment under the current proposal for Horizon Europe.
highlight the necessity of strengthening the focus on science, research and knowledge, as core values of the EU, in order to exploit the significant contribution that these policies provide in achieving Europe’s wider objectives;
underline the importance of utilizing the diversity of regional and local R&I systems, fostering inclusiveness and reducing fragmentation, and that of improving the circulation of researchers and knowledge, while addressing brain drain, as well as ensuring gender equality;
suggest to ensure that the ERA’s governance enable dialogue and synergies, be transparent and directly involve stakeholders;
advocate that creating better links to the regions should be a general objective of the ERA actions.