Opinion Factsheet  

New Consumer Agenda - Strengthening consumer resilience for sustainable recovery

Opinion Number: CDR 407/2021
Rapporteur: BERTRAND Alexia
Commission: NAT
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 14/10/2021
Look into the role that local and regional authorities can play in the field of consumer protection.



EURadio interview

Topic for the interview: How does the EU protect consumers and what are the challenges around them in order to revive a sustainable economy?

03 Jun

European Consumer Summit

The rapporteur's expert Mr Emmanuel Pieters and the NAT secretariat attended the European Consumer Summit on 15 March to fix priority for upcoming annual cycle in the field of consumer policy.

15 Mar

Meeting with Eurocommerce

Rapporteur Ms Bertrand and her expert Mr Pieters met with Eurocommerce to hear their views on the New consumer agenda.

26 Feb

Meeting with the EESC

The rapporteur Ms Bertrand with expert met the EESC rapporteur, Mr Hernández Bataller Bernardo to exchange their views on the consumer policy and the New consumer agenda.

23 Feb

Meeting with BEUC

Rapporteur Ms Bertrand and her expert met the Director of the European consumer organisation (BEUC), Ms Monique Goyens.

16 Feb