Opinion Factsheet  

Proposal for a Regulation on minimum requirements for water reuse

Opinion Number: CDR 3645/2018
Rapporteur: VLASÁK Oldřich
Commission: ENVE
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 05/12/2018
Support water reuse all over the EU beyond the 6 Member States in which policy tools currently exist, and embody the EU's efforts to create a circular economy in the water sector;
Ensure that additional costs and burdens are not disproportionately shifted onto municipalities, farmers and the general public;
Ensure that this regulation is consistent with other relevant legislation, not least the Control Regulation and other regulations governing food production;
Increasing the scope of the regulation to include the use of water not just for agricultural irrigation, but also for the irrigation of green spaces in urban areas, parks, gardens and grounds for public use (e.g. recreation, sport), which would be of considerable help in solving the problem of city centres becoming warmer during periods of drought;
Introduce appropriate standards for sampling and analysis, taking into account ISO standards for the quality of reclaimed water for irrigation in the different classes according to crop categories;
Clarify the liabilities of the producer of reclaimed water, considering also the managers of the water cycle and the end-users;
Extend to 3 years the deadline for entry into force of the Regulation.



21st ENVE Commission meeting

Adoption of draft opinion

15 Nov

Stakeholders consultation

Room JDE 70

28 Sep