Opinion Factsheet  

Macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region

Opinion Number: CDR 3425/2019
Rapporteur: ORTYL Władysław
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 04/12/2019
The Carpathians are a particularly important geopolitical region where strategic interests – political and economic – intersect.

This was even more the case after the 2004 EU enlargement, since the region now formed the eastern border of the whole Union.

Creating a specific strategy for this region would consolidate the strengths of the countries located in it and would complement existing initiatives such as the Carpathian Convention, the Carpathian Euroregion and the Interreg programmes.

The experiences of local and regional authorities, NGOs and academia, as well as consultations with people living in the Carpathian region, confirm the need for cooperation beyond administrative borders.

The opinion has the main objective to consolidate the arguments for adopting a macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region, especially when being presented to the key decision-maker in this matter, namely the Council of the EU.
European Parliament Research Service Study on the Macro Regional Strategy for the Carpathian: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/thinktank/en/document.html?reference=EPRS_BRI%282019%29642257 (12 December 2019) - referene to the CoR opinion.

- underlines that macro-regional Strategies improve the complementarity of various political strategies and programmes that are designated and implemented at different levels of governance. This pooling of jointly defined potential and coordination of actions is a significant added value at the European level;

- highlights the unique resources of the Carpathians, such as the natural wealth, unique multicultural heritage, human resources and common identity of mountain communities, all of which provide a great opportunity to work together towards more dynamic, sustainable and balanced socio-economic development in the area;

- considers that placing the Carpathian issue at the centre of a strategic document would highlight the problems of this area and make it possible to exploit the currently dormant and unique potential of the whole macro-region by focusing actions on the most important horizontal problems and challenges;

- reiterates and confirms the approval expressed many times of the initiative to develop a macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region and sees it as a well-developed initiative undertaken at all levels of government;

- calls on the European Commission to support the initiative to create a macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region as a further macro-regional strategy and the second one to address a European region with mountainous characteristics;

- considers that the macro-regional strategy instrument enables more effective use to be made of available financial resources as part of the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) objective, by creating a viable system for co-financing and implementing actions supporting the regions of Carpathian countries.



Meeting with representatives of the Finnish Presidency of the EU

In the meeting, the rapporteur underlined that the strategy for the Carpathian region could be equivalent to the successful Alpine strategy, which includes mountainous regions and addresses economic as well as social and environmental factors.

09 Sep

Meeting with Director DG REGIO Directroate D

In the meeting, the rapporteur discussed that implementing the Carpathian strategy will require effective cooperation between all partners involved, i.e. all the Carpathian countries – Austria, Czechia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, and their local and regional authorities.

09 Sep