Opinion Factsheet  

Unfair trading practices in the food supply chain

Opinion Number: CDR 2906/2018
Rapporteur: BLANC Jacques
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 04/07/2018

- welcomes the Commission's initiative of establishing European legislation designed to combat unfair trading practices

- believes that this proposal provides a good foundation but that it is necessary to go further to protect farmers more effectively

- considers it necessary to include in this proposal for a directive a prohibition in principle of unfair trading practices

- considers it necessary to broaden the scope of the proposal to cover all products and all operators

- considers it necessary to extend the list of prohibited unfair practices to include resale at a loss, and to punish purchases below production costs

- believes that this directive will not be enough to improve the situation of farmers unless the overall framework in which they operate is changed

- considers that, alongside this directive, it will also be necessary to make contractualisation attractive for producers, to introduce additional measures on price transparency, to tackle over-concentration of the distribution, agri-food and agri-supply sectors, and to develop fairer international trade relations in agriculture



EU Agricultural Outlook conference

The EU Agricultural Outlook conference has now become the key annual gathering of European stakeholders willing to engage and discuss the future of agriculture in Europe and the challenges which lie ahead.

The fourth edition of the conference will be opened by Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner, Phil Hogan.

Discussion on day one will involve high level panellists and will focus on digitisation and innovation in the farming sector but also on Africa.

The second day will focus on the outlook for EU agricultural markets (crops, biofuels, meat and dairy), presenting the latest report produced with the support of the Joint Research Centre (JRC). The outlook and the changes to be expected will be debated by a panel of experts.

Participants will include EU institutions, governments and international organisations, those involved in the food supply chain, market experts, academics, think tanks and civil society.

Mr Jacques Blanc, rapporteur of the opinion "Unfair trading practices in the food supply chain" will be participating.

06 Dec