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National Delegation of Latvia


All Latvian CoR members are elected politicians representing local governments (cities and municipalities) of Latvia. Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) is the Secretariat of the Latvian Delegation to the CoR. LALRG co-ordinates the work of 7 full members and 7 alternate members.

Appointing the delegation

The procedure for nominating CoR members was approved by the LALRG Council on 16 November 2009. The traditions of other EU Member States to balance the types of self-government represented are taken into consideration, as was territorial, gender and geographical representation.

The current Delegation is composed of two representatives from city councils, three representatives from municipality councils, one from Riga city council and the Chairman of LALRG.

The Latvian members of the CoR are approved by order of the LR Cabinet of Ministers “On candidatures of the Republic of Latvia for participation in the EU Committee of the Regions”.

Whilst each LV member is appointed to represent the whole of Latvian local government, they will inevitably interact differently with other members, both within the Delegation and within the CoR itself, according to their own national, regional, political and policy interests.
For further information, please contact the LALRG.

Organisation and political interests

The structure of the Latvian Delegation is intended to ensure that all members can play a full and active part. The CoR grants three places for Latvian members on two CoR commissions (COTER, ECOS) and two places on the other CoR commissions (ENVE, NAT, CIVEX, EDUC)*.

  • COTER: Guntars Krievins, Leonids Salcevics
  • ENVE: Edvins Bartkevics, Inesis Bokis
  • NAT : Aleksandrs Lielmezs, Janis Neimanis
  • ECOS: Andris Jaunsleinis, Janis Vitolins
  • EDUC: Ligita Gintere, Janis Trupovnieks
  • CIVEX: Indra Rassa, Nellija Kleinberga

    * The alternate members also follow the work of commissions, they’re delegated by the full members on the regular basis

    Mr Andris Jaunsleinis represents the Latvian Delegation in the CoR Bureau, his substitute in the Bureau is Mr Edvins Bartkevics.

    Members of the Latvian Delegation are represented in the following CoR party groups:
  • ALDE: Andris Jaunsleinis, Aleksandrs Lielmezs, Guntars Krievins, Leonids Salcevics, Janis Neimanis
    • alt.*Nellija Kleinberga, Janis Vitolins, Edvins Bartkevics
  • EPP: Indra Rassa
    • alt. Ligita Gintere, Inesis Bokis
  • UEN:
    • alt. Janis Trupovnieks

* alt. - alternate member>

The Secretariat to the Latvian Delegation is provided by the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) in Brussels and in Riga. The Secretariat coordinates information for those members attending meetings and promotes the work of the Delegation within Latvia and the EU. National and local government associations play a key role in determining not only the candidates for Latvian CoR nominations, but also proposing the policy that the Latvian Delegation should follow. The CoR also benefits from the expertise of these national associations and their member authorities, by using their best practices and experience.

Read about the activities of the delegation from 2004-2010:

Information about running activities of the delegation




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