Opinion Factsheet  

Στρατηγική για βιώσιμη και έξυπνη κινητικότητα

Opinion Number: CDR 497/2021
Rapporteur: VAN ASTEN Robert
Commission: COTER
Status: Adopted
Date: 30/06/2021
The European Commission has published on 9 December 2020 the "Strategy for sustainable and smart mobility" (SSMS) which outlines the way to reach this objective. .

The SSMS has identified 10 key areas (flagships) for action for the mobility transformation. There are key areas which touch upon the competencies of local and regional authorities and the objective shall be to highlight the important contributions LRAs can make in the achieving those "flaghsips":

Boosting the uptake of zero-emission vehicles and renewable & low-carbon fuels and related infrastructure (FLAGSHIP 1)

Making interurban and urban mobility sustainable (FLAGSHIP 3)

Pricing carbon and providing better incentives for users (FLAGSHIP 5)

Reinforce the Single Market (FLAGSHIP 8)

Make mobility fair and just for all FLAGSHIP 9 (+ FLAGSHIP 6 – connected and automated mobility)