Opinion Factsheet  

Βελτίωση της νομοθεσίας

Opinion Number: CDR 4071/2021
Rapporteur: ZANIN Piero Mauro
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 01/12/2021
Contribute to the European Commission's Better regulation agenda.
Consolidate RegHub consultations and other CoR better regulation tools and methodologies for collecting and analysing territorial data together into one single better regulation toolbox.
Improve synergies with betetr regulation policies and tools of other EU institutions.
The CoR opinion on Better regulation: Joining forces to make better laws calls for bringing all CoR tools and methodologies for collecting and analysing territorial data together into one single better regulation package, to include RegHub consultations, thereby forging stronger links with the Commission's better regulation toolbox and the tools developed by the European Parliamentary Research Service.

Currently, the CoR Better regulation instruments are functioning independently of each other, with different governance structures and little or no coordination of activities and synergies among different work programmes.

To follow up to the opinion’s recommendations, the CoR is now reflecting on a new policy approach to better regulation bringing all better regulation instruments under one governing body that would provide the political governance and strategic orientation of the CoR policy on Better regulation with the aim to:
Develop further the CoR Better regulation policy in line with its objectives;
Create better cooperation, links and synergies between the individual better regulation instruments, and enhance their effectiveness and impact;
Strengthen the "circularity" of the CoRs Better regulation-related analysis;
Ensure the synchronisation of Better regulation activities with the CoR's Annual Strategic Planning Cycle;
Provide political governance to cross-cutting foresight activity in support of the CoR's legislative works;
Forge stronger links with the European Commission's Better regulation system as well as with those of the European Parliament and of the Council;
Support the CoR political objective of being recognised as institutional partner in the upcoming Review of the Inter-institutional agreement on Better Law-Making (2016);
Revise the CoR subsidiarity monitoring strategy and the Territorial Impact Assessments strategy, in line with the CoR political priorities for the period 2020-2025;
strengthen further the CoR Better regulation instruments and enhance the overarching CoR role in the EU Better regulation agenda by improving coordination, coherence and complementarity between the CoR's Better regulation instruments;
oversee a communication strategy to promote the CoR Better regulation activities.

- Underscores that it is fundamental that the EU better regulation system incorporates multilevel governance in the European Union; recommends that the European Commission prioritises the collaboration with LRAs, particularly those with legislative powers, throughout the whole policy cycle;

- Notes that democratically elected LRAs still have limited influence on the shaping of the EU legislation they are required to implement: both these authorities and the CoR, their institutional representative at EU level, must be given a bigger role in the European governance system;

- Calls on the Commission to explore ways of involving regional parliaments more closely in the EU policy-making process, by harnessing the early warning mechanism;

- Calls on the EU institutions, MS and LRAs to each focus on implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Subsidiarity, Proportionality and "Doing Less More Efficiently". Calls for these recommendations to be updated;

- Calls for the interinstitutional agreement, guidelines and toolbox on better regulation to be reviewed, incorporating the multilevel dimension of the European regulatory process;

- Calls on the Commission and MS to support businesses, particularly SMEs, when they make the investments needed to adapt to the standards required under relevant EU sectoral legislation;

- Endorses the objective of the Fit for Future Platform (F4F). Welcomes the enhanced role of the CoR in this platform. Points out that the CoR is well placed to systematically gather input from LRAs, through its members, networks and other targeted initiatives such as RegHub;

- Highlights the added value RegHub provides and calls on the Commission to consider long-term financial support for the development and consolidation of RegHub as a better regulation instrument;

- Welcomes the efforts to increase the quality of assessments through independent scrutiny and supports the setting up of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board; reiterates its call for the board to include a permanent member designated by the CoR;

- Undertakes to bring all its tools and methodologies for collecting and analysing territorial data together into one single better regulation package, to include RegHub consultations.