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Nachhaltigkeit in Stadtvierteln und kleineren Ansiedlungen Umweltpolitik auf der subkommunalen Ebene

Opinion Number: CDR 3195/2019
Rapporteur: ARMAO Gaetano
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/02/2020

- aims to make sure that the needs of all types of communities are taken into account in EU environmental policies; underlines that this opinion focuses on sub-municipal communities such as neighbourhoods as part of an urban municipality or villages as part of a rural municipality; asserts that important environmental specificities can be found both at and below the municipal level;

- stresses, in particular, the need to take into account specific territorial situations, which encounter particular environmental challenges. On account of their remoteness, these areas sometimes possess unique natural features that give them disproportionate ecological importance: small islands, sparsely or underpopulated areas, mountain or lake areas;

- acknowledges the varied contexts within which small communities find themselves, ranging from urban to rural areas, from densely to sparsely populated areas, and from wealthy to deprived areas;

- maintains that the sustainable communities concept should be aimed at regenerating poor or vulnerable areas by combining social and environmental objectives;

- strongly believes that the EU should consider the specific needs and contributions of small and sub-municipal communities in the formulation and implementation of its environmental policies; considers that the successful implementation of many EU and national environmental policies depends on their ownership by, and the contribution of, sub-municipal communities;

- proposes to identify mechanisms for taking sub-municipal issues into account in the formulation of CoR opinions and for bringing them to the attention of the EU institutions and bodies;

- commits to a dialogue with the European Commission, including in the framework of the Technical Platform for Cooperation on the Environment, to ensure that small communities below the municipal level are adequately taken into consideration in the implementation of specific EU environmental policies. This could build on existing efforts by DG ENV and other DGs to provide guidance documents and tools focused on small communities and neighbourhoods;

- emphasises the importance of enabling sub-municipal actors to access EU funding programmes.



Circular communities as theme of European Week for Waste Reduction 2021

The European Week for Waste Reduction 2021 has as focus: Circular communities.
The press materials include a link to the CoR Opinion on "Towards sustainable neighbourhoods and small communities - Environment policy below municipal level".

20 Nov

United Nations Environment Programme - Integrated guidelines for Sustainable Neighbourhoods

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) published a website on INTEGRATED GUIDELINES FOR SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBOURHOOD DESIGN.

The date of publication is not specified the one included in kiklos is indicative.

05 Aug


This event was a webinar aimed at discussing energy policy in islands in the framework of a green receovery.
The rapporteur sent a written contribution that was read during the event.

17 Jun

Minimising the hidden costs of tourism in Mediterranean Islands. Waste prevention actions and circular economy perspectives.

This event brought together EU policymakers, representatives of public authorities from Mediterranean islands, researchers, circular economy practitioners and key stakeholders of the tourism sector brought their expertise to the table to look at how to move towards sustainable tourism with a collaborative approach.
The rapporteur participated with an intervention referring to the importance of islands in the CoR opinion

29 Apr

Meeting with Euromontana on mountain communities

The Rapporteur, Mr Armao (IT/EPP), Vicepresident and Minister for Economy of Sicily, met with Ms Clotteau, Director of Euromontana, European Association of Mountain Areas.
The meeting focused on how the opinion could take into account small mountain communities and their specificities.

07 Oct

Follow-up Stakeholders consultation "Towards sustainable neighbourhoods and small communities - Environment policy below municipal level"

At the link below you can find the video recording of the consultation and the PDF versions of all the presentations.
The rapporteur accepts written contributions till Monday 7 October (11am).

30 Sep
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