Opinion Factsheet  

En europæisk tilgang til kunstig intelligens retsakten om kunstig intelligens (revideret udtalelse)

Opinion Number: CDR 2682/2021
Rapporteur: RINK Guido
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 02/12/2021

recommends, inter alia, to add the following legislative amendments:

- Article 13b Transparency and information to persons affected:

Persons or groups of persons for whom a high-risk AI system is intended to be used shall be informed in an appropriate, easily accessible and comprehensible manner, and have access to explicit, readily accessible and publicly available information of such use;

- Article 19(1):

The providers of high-risk AI systems shall publish the EU declaration of conformity and a summary of the conformity assessment in a publicly accessible place;

- Article 29, new paragraph after paragraph 6:

Users of high-risk AI systems shall be responsible for making an ethical assessment before putting the system into use. They shall be able to explain the possible impact of the deployment of the technology on people and society. They shall specify their intended purpose in deploying the AI system, the overarching values, how those values have been weighted and whether or not they have been implemented in the system. They shall assess the actual impact of the system on people and society throughout the life cycle of the AI system;

- Article 59(1):

Local and regional authorities shall be empowered to carry out supervisory or enforcement tasks where deemed appropriate by the Member State.