Opinion Factsheet  

Hvidbog om kunstig intelligens en europæisk tilgang til ekspertise og tillid

Opinion Number: CDR 2014/2020
Rapporteur: RINK Guido
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 14/10/2020
contribute towards an EU regulatory framework on the human and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, the proposal for which might be prepared and published before the end of this year;

seek to increase the role of public authorities in ensuring respect for the EU's values and for the rules which will be set in accordance with these values;

profile the local and regional authorities as an important partner for the future governance of the artificial intelligence sector in the EU and increase the CoR's standing in this context;

call for a regulatory framework for ethical standards in the area of artificial intelligence which would be conducive for EU leadership on the global scale and compatible with European technological sovereignty: with these advantages, EU could use artificial intelligence to facilitate economic, social and territorial cohesion, e.g., via (inter-)regional smart specialisation strategies;

insist on close relations between the EU artificial intelligence policy and the EU data strategy, and in this context, reiterate, update, refine and publicise again the CoR's previous political messages on big data use and management;

seek reference to local and regional authorities in the future regulatory framework on artificial intelligence: they should be recognised as an awareness raiser, a mobiliser of stakeholders for implementation, a guardian of citizen's rights, and as an adviser to the national authorities;

support strongly the budget of the Digital Europe programme, as far as possible in accordance with the European Commision's proposal; this programme should help develop local and regional innovation ecosystems, foster development of small and medium size enterprises and contribute towards local solutions for major societal challenges, which is conducive for artificial intelligence.



Meeting with dir. Mrs Sioli Eur. Comm. DG CNECT

Discussion of the European Commission's political objectives in relation to the White Paper on artificial intelligence and their local and regional relevance and a plea for taking into account the increasing role of the local and regional authorities in the collection and use of big data which need tp be shared between the private and publci sectors to fully reap their eonomic potential, also in the context of the AI applications/ machine learning.

06 May