Opinion Factsheet  

Strategie pro formování digitální budoucnosti Evropy a Evropská strategie pro data

Opinion Number: CDR 2354/2020
Rapporteur: WEINMEISTER Mark
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 14/10/2020

- stresses that the opportunities offered by digitalisation in addressing societal, climate and environmental challenges and in certain crisis situations, as demonstrated with current COVID 19 crisis, are particularly important for education, working life, the economy and smoothly functioning government;

- underlines the major contribution local and regional authorities make to the practical implementation of the EU Digital Agenda, in particular within Smart Cities and Smart Regions, as well as the important role played by local government in ensuring access to data and its availability;

- draws particular attention to the need to support capacity-building in citizens and businesses, in particular SMEs, as well as in the public sector;

- underlines the need for a comprehensive approach to boosting the security and resilience of 5G networks and points out that a joint approach in the EU is effective and that a common European minimum safety standard generates overall positive results;

- welcomes the Commission's commitment to Europeans' interests and equal opportunities for European businesses on international markets and to European values in international business and data flows.