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Activităţile CoR
Sesiuni plenare

The CoR holds 5 or 6 plenary sessions each year attended by all of its democratically elected 353 members coming from local and regional authorities from all 28 EU Member States. 
Normally chaired by the assembly's President – currently Michel Lebrun - the main purpose of the plenary sessions is to:

  • Adopt opinions, reports and resolutions
  • Adopt the draft estimates of expenditure and revenue of the Committee
  • Adopt the political programme of the Committee at the beginning of every term
  • Elect the President, the First Vice-president and the remaining members of the Bureau
  • Set up policy commissions within the institution
  • Adopt and revise the Committee's Rules of Procedure

Within the European legislative process the European Commission is required to consult the CoR on policy areas that directly affect local and regional authorities. The relevant CoR policy commission will appoint one of its members to report and draft an opinion on the legislative proposal which is then put to the vote during one of the CoRs' plenary. If it receives a majority vote it is adopted and passed to the other EU institutions.
The CoR may also proactively adopt a position on a particular issue through an own-initiative opinion.


2014 CoR Plenary Calendar


105th Plenary 30 - 31 January 108th Plenary 7 - 8 October​
106th Plenary 2 – 3 April 109th Plenary 3 - 4 December​
107th Plenary 25 - 26 June​

​ ​

2015 CoR Plenary Calendar 

110th Plenary 11 - 13 February 113th Plenary 12 - 14 October​
111th Plenary 16 – 17 April ​ 114th Plenary 3 - 4 December​
112th Plenary 3 - 4 June​
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