Working group on the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo [under UNSCR 1244])

The Working Group (WG) on the Western Balkans was created in 2006. It currently includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244). Its role is to provide CoR members with an instrument aimed at encouraging greater inclusion of the territorial dimension in the enlargement process for the Western Balkans region.

The WG also contributes to the CoR's involvement in inter-institutional cooperation in this field, while maintaining political dialogue between the EU's local and regional authorities and their Western Balkan counterparts. In addition, the WG contributes to the work of the CoR Rapporteurs responsible for setting out the CoR's position through an in-depth and inclusive debate. It consists of twelve CoR members, meets twice a year and operates on a country-by-country approach, ensuring that each meeting is dedicated to a specific Western Balkan country.


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