European Commission

The European Commission and the Committee of the Regions: close cooperation

Cooperation between the Commission and the CoR has been governed by an agreement since 2001, and is extremely close. The agreement formalises political contacts between the two institutions and their cooperation on policy priorities.

Aims of the cooperation agreement

The agreement specifies the conditions whereby the CoR can usefully play its part in advising the Commission:
  • Drawing up opinions on legislative proposals
  • Drawing up outlook opinions on future EU policies, and analysing the local and regional impact of certain Commission proposals 
  • Acting as an intermediary between the EU institutions and local and regional authorities 
  • Providing a framework for the CoR's contribution to the Union's external action
  • Developing closer cooperation in the communication field.
More specifically…
As part of the close, regular contacts with the Commission, at both administrative and political level, meetings with the Commission DG coordinators provide the opportunity:
  • to discuss priority areas for action, future fields of work, or particularly sensitive issues
  • to assess the local and regional added value which the CoR can bring
  • to consider potential and sometimes joint activities.
Following the adoption of the Commission work programme, this cooperation enables a list to be drawn up of topics of interest to the CoR, on which the Commission intends to seek its opinion in accordance with the cooperation agreement. This in turn widens the selection of activities for the adoption of outlook opinions or impact reports.

Future cooperation agreement: incorporating the changes brought by the Lisbon Treaty

The CoR is committed to strengthening its relations with the Commission even further with a view to a revision of the cooperation agreement to take account of the political and institutional implications of the Lisbon Treaty.