Opinion factsheet

    Strategia kosmiczna dla Europy

    : CDR 6726/2016
    : JAADLA, Andres
    : ALDE (Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe)
    : ENVE
    : Adopted
    : 10/10/2017



Joint roundtable with ESA

Space innovation, funding and regional development issues - follow-up to the )pinion

08 Feb

Meeting with Commissioner Bienkowska

Discussion of the evolving political context and strategy necessary for future action to bolster involvement of local and regional authorities in these activities. The initial objective has been to work together towards a shared vision for awareness raising and small and medium size enterprise stimulation at the local and regional level in the area of space economy. Moreover, it was felt during the meeting that amounts available for basic space research should be increased because of international competition and strategic need for technology independence (now all space research has 1.7 out of 80 billion euro, which is not enough, even if deadlines for project proposals sometimes need to be prolonged.) The general increase, if achieved, could also benefit local and regional development.

06 Dec

NEREUS 10th anniversary

Keynote speech by the rapporteur on cooperation between the CoR and the NEREUS network (regions involved in space)

05 Dec

Competitiveness council meeting on space policy

discussion of the Copernicus mid-term report and the future of the space strategy and funding - letter sent in advance to the Presidency M inister/ Chair Mrs Urve Palo (Estonia), availability of the CoR Opinion for dissemination

01 Dec

Speech of the rapporteur in the EP Space Intergroup meeting

The rapporteur has stressed the important role of space monitoring and satellite navigation systems for facilitating the performance of local and regional authorities on a variety of their competences: environmental monitoring, preparedness to dealing with the consequences of natural disasters, and traffic and energy sector management. This should be duly reflected in the development of downstream services for local and regional authorities. In order to develop this agenda. Moreover, a shared understanding has been developed that , in future, the EU funding for research and innovation should include additional funds for such activities as regional space hubs that bring together the space, digital and user sectors to stimulate the uptake of innovations by the market. More private investment should be leveraged for start-ups, in particular in the context of the Investment Plan for Europe and the Pan-European Venture Capital Fund-of-Funds. Local and regional SMEs should be supported on a broader scale than now to be able to propose services and applications on the basis of Earth Observation data within the framework of Copernicus.

21 Nov

Letter from Lowrie Evans, DG Growth EC

In reply to the CoR Opinion, the letter has stated, in line with the CoR Opinion, that more actions would be needed for Europe to reach the ambitions set in the Strategy, and the European regions will have a key role to play in this regard, notably when it comes to making a smart link between the European institutions and the local communities and relaying European policies to SMEs, citizens and young generations.

20 Nov

Space Solutions for Resilience in the Mediterranean - Ministerial conference

Organised by the Presidency. CoR Rapporteur delivering a keynote address.

27 Jun

Meeting with EP rapporteur Mrs Krehl

Discussion of ams to the EP report taking on board local and regional issues

31 May

Stakeholder consultation

Meeting with representatives of specialised sectoral organisations to fine tune political recommendations and disseminate the local and regional issues among the national and EU level organisations working in the area of space

26 Apr