Opinion factsheet

    Inteligentne regulacje dla MŚP

    : CDR 5387/2016
    : BUCHMANN, Christian
    : EPP (European People's Party)
    : ECON
    : Adopted
    : 12/07/2017



ECON external seminar on "Smart Regulation and Smart Growth: Fostering Employment, growth and innovation through administrative burden reduction", Seggauberg (AT)

The CoR ECON Commission presentec this seminar in the framework of its 2016 priority of smart regulation and administrative burden reduction for SMEs, taking account of the debate at the technical seminar on Better Regulation for SMEs in April 2016 and reporting on a survey of regional and local authorities and on work conducted in the context of the EU REFIT Platform on administrative burden reduction.

The three sessions focused on the perspective and needs of enterprises, on the response provided by the EU in the area of smart and better regulation, and on the role of local and regional authorities in creating a growth-friendly regulatory environment.

03 Nov

Better Regulation for SMEs (technical seminar)

This seminar explored the topic of improving regulation for SMEs, providing participants with an overview of the main EU initiatives aimed at improving regulation, in particular in the framework of the REFIT Platform and identifying potential future priority files in the area of improving regulation for SMEs (in view of a potential own-initiative opinion).
It aimed to gather evidence for the political discussion about Smart Regulation for SMEs within the CoR and also for the CoR's contribution to the work of the REFIT Platform.
The seminar payed particular attention to regulatory obstacles in the area of VAT.

21 Apr