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Opinion factsheet

    Przyszłość polityki spójności po 2020 r.

    : CDR 1814/2016
    : SCHNEIDER, Michael
    : EPP (European People's Party)
    : COTER
    : Adopted
    : 11/05/2017



EP REGI workshop

The European Parliament's REGI committee held a workshop on "Building building blocks of a future cohesion policy -first reflections".

24 Jan

Stakeholder Consultation

The rapporteur met with representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on the relevant topic of this opinion.

23 Nov

First discussion of the draft opinion in COTER

  • Presentation of the draft opinion by the rapporteur;
  • Statement by Nicola De Michelis, Head of Cabinet of the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Crețu, European Commission;
  • Statement by Olga Zrihen (BE/PES), representing the CoR ECON commission;
  • Statement by Randel Länts (ET/PES), representing the CoR NAT commission;
  • A first discussion of the draft opinion with members followed.

29 Sep

Exchange of views in COTER

The rapporteur presented a working document to the COTER commission. A discussion with members followed.

31 May

CoR Bureau decision

At its meeting of 6 April 2016, the CoR Bureau endorsed the proposal for an own-initiative opinion on "The future of Cohesion Policy beyond 2020".

06 Apr

Proposal for an own-initiative opinion

The COTER commision, at its meeting of 2 March 2016, endorsed the proposal to issue an own-initiative opinion on the Future of Cohesion Policy beyond 2020, with Mr Michael Schneider (DE/EPP) as rapporteur. The proposal will be forwarded to the Bureau for final decision on 6 April 2016.

02 Mar