Multiple framework contract for studies in the fields of environment, climate change, energy and space policy

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Deadline to submit tenders : 20/10/2016

1. Letter of invitation to tender - CDR/TL1/68/2016

2. Tender Specifications – CDR/TL1/68/2016

3. Annex 1 of the tender specifications : contract model CDR/TL1/68/2016

4. Word versions of bidding templates

Documents in word (annexes II, III and IV), no modification to the forms in tender specifications can be made, in comparison to the pdf version, with penalty of refusal of the offer.

Annex II : Identification form

Annex III : Forms for presenting the price bid

Annex IV : Declaration of honour on exclusion criteria and selection criteria

5. FAQ

6. Answers to questions of potential tenderers – CDR/TL1/68/2016
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