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Opinion factsheet

    Een duurzaam EU-voedselbeleid

    : CDR 3170/2016
    : EPP (European People's Party)
    : NAT
    : Adopted
    : 22/03/2017



The Rapporteur meeting the President of the EP

The rapporteur presented his draft opinion to the President of the European Parliament, Mr Antonio Tajani.

22 Mar

Presentation of the CoR/EESC canteen to the Press

The rapporteur spoke to the european Press at the occasion of the presentation of the CoR / EESC canteen.

CoR/EESC sustainable canteen is a model of good practices in the field of environmental protection and fight against food waste and can be seen as a small but concrete example of what the political action of both tend to. It has succeded in reducing the food waste to a record of 5% (annual average) and now place them as the first and only European institutions to donate food and to implement standards of excellence in terms of food sustainability

The canteen is among the first 8 canteens certified by the Brussels-Capital Region with the "Label Good Food".

22 Mar

Adoption of the opinion in the Plenary

The opinion was unanimously adopted in the Plenary Session. The European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Mr Vytenis Andriukaitis participated in the debate prior to the vote.

22 Mar

Meeting with the Cabinet of the Commissioner Mr Andriukatis

The rapporteur discussed the main ideas of his draft opinion with Mr Marco Valletta, Member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Mr Andriukaitis.

02 Feb

The Rapporteur meeting the Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Commissioner Hogan

The rapporteur discussed the main ideas presented in his draft opinion with Ms Siracusa, the Deputy Head of the Cabinet of the Commissioner Hogan.

02 Feb

Draft opinion adopted at the NAT commission meeting

The rapporteur presented his draft opinion to the members of the NAT commission. Mr Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament and Ms Betty Lee, Policy officer from the European Commission (DG AGRI) took part in the debate.

02 Feb

Stakeholders' meeting

The Rapporteur's team met various and numerous stakeholders, discussing questions raised in his working document.

28 Nov