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Convegni del CdR
Each year, the CoR holds about four to five key conferences, usually on the sidelines of its plenary sessions. These CoR conferences highlight the CoR's political priorities, the regional dimension of the Europe 2020 strategy, the local impact of "European Years" and other relevant topics.
The key conferences are held to give CoR members, EU institutions, local and regional stakeholders and academics a platform where they can discuss EU issues of primary importance to Europe’s regions and cities and to share their expertise.

​Upcoming CoR conferences

  • Investing in Europe: building a coalition of smart cities & regions
    07.02.2017 | Climate Action and Energy (CoR)
    The CoR and the European Commission are co-organising an event in Brussels on 7 February 2017. Through interactive debates, the event will show how Europe's regions and cities are developing comprehensive policies to become 'smarter', as well as stra...

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