Opinion factsheet

    Stimolare le start-up e le scale-up in Europa: il punto di vista regionale e locale

    : CDR 32/2017
    : TRUSKOLASKI, Tadeusz
    : EA (European Alliance)
    : ECON
    : Adopted
    : 12/07/2017



13th conference of European regions and cities: "Next Generation – Attractive Regions and Cities for Future Generations", Salzburg

Rapporteur took part in the panel on "Start-ups in the Regions- the Future for the Young Generation".

24 Sep

Rapporteur´s visit to the Drenthe province (NL)

Rapporteur´s visit to the Drenthe province to be presented the pillars and achievments of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem

25 May

ECON seminar on "Developing entrepreneurship in insular areas: Challenges, opportunities and policy responses", Balzan, Malta

Rapporteur chairs the panel on "Challenges and opportunities for island entrepreneurship".

21 Apr

Rapporteur chairs the ex-post evaluation mission to the 2016 EER region Lombardy

The EER jury delegation visits the awarded regions after the completion of the EER year to gain an overview of what had been achieved during the EER year, provide the region with external expert views, as well as to learn good practices implemented by the region/city.

05 Apr

Boosting start-ups and scale-ups in Europe's regions and cities - seminar/stakeholders consultation

This seminar supported the preparation of the CoR opinion on the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative and the legislative proposal on business insolvency by initiating a discussion on the local and regional dimension of the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative. At the same time, it aimed to encourage regions and cities to develop proactive strategies aimed at start-up and scale-up support and to explore how local and regional authorities could contribute to the implementation of the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative.

28 Feb