Joint Consultative Committee with Montenegro

The Bureau of the Committee of the Regions approved setting up of a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) between the Committee of the Regions and Montenegro in March 2011 an the decision of the EU – Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Council followed on 21 June 2011.
The overall strategy and operational proposals, discussed at its inaugural meeting in November 2012, were the basis for the work programme established in July 2013. The activities of the JCC closely follow the enlargement process and the progress of the negotiations leading to Montenegro's accession to the EU. They focus on the territorial dimension of the EU acquis and on the areas of particular relevance to the development of local and regional authorities. They allow exchange of best practice in specific fields of cooperation.
The key topics include access to EU funds, in particular under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) at regional and local level, devolution and decentralisation (including fiscal decentralisation), regional and cross-border cooperation, fundamental rights, good governance and transparency, public administration reform and capacity building.

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