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Attività del CdR
CoR Commissions
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Opinions currently in discussion


Adopted Opinions

  • NAT secretariat

    Head of Unit: Christof Kienel

    Assitant to the HoU: Yuliya Sotirova


    • Hélène Moraut, in charge of Common Agriculture Policy, Rural Development, Food Production and Forestry
    • Dorota Tomalak, in charge of Public Health, Consumer Protection, Civil Protection and Tourism
    • Dimo Stoyanov, in charge of Fisheries and Maritime Policy
    • Peter Verlinden, in charge of Forestry, Civil Protection
    • Anemarija Kosjek in charge of Food production, Consumer Protection


    • Betina Skibsted, in charge of the general support to NAT work, CAP, Rural Development, Forestry
    • Alexandra Kranixfeld in charge of the general support to NAT work, Food Production, Consumer Protection, Public Health, Tourism

    To contact the NAT team, please use the Contact form (subject 'Natural Resources')


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